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Snake and the Rabbit Showcase Bluesy Riffs And Soulful Vocals In “The Weekend”

Snake and the Rabbit is the lovechild of husband and wife, Brett and Leanna Patterson. The two songwriters have been writing and playing together since 2010. In November of 2018 the duo decided to cut the dead weight and perform strictly as a two-piece from here on out. The result is Snake and the Rabbit: a stripped down, minimalist approach to Americana music heavily influenced by Psychedelic folk, American blues, Outlaw Country and lo-fi Garage Rock. Leanna and Brett met back in 2008 while she was performing as a solo artist; the beginnings of what would become Leanna May. They got married in 2010 and began playing as a duo immediately thereafter. The name Snake and the Rabbit comes from the couple’s Sheng Xiao animals.

Dynamic duo Snake and the Rabbit have the sound and alluring capabilities of a veteran act. The chemistry and sheer talent that flows through the speakers in their newest hit “The Weekend”  is breathtaking. Leanna’s vocal register flows freely and flawlessly through emotive lyricism. Pummelling guitars fused with psychedelic melodies and powerhouse vocals make “The Weekend” a timeless hit. The track is groovy, relatable and an impressive release from the independent duo. Snake and the Rabbit have the admirable talent of curating music that all listeners can interpret and relate. It’s skills like this that put Snake and the Rabbit on the map in a big way to inspire and galvanize the music scene today. I highly recommend you check out “The Weekend” and stay tuned for the release of Snake and the Rabbit future releases. 

Check out “The Weekend” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Leanna May, your voice is incredible. When did you start singing?

Thank you for the warm welcome and compliment. I started singing in church when I was about twelve years old; I didn't really start taking myself serious until I was in my twenties. I listened to the feedback and advice professional singers gave me over the years and tried my hardest to apply it to my voice.

How do you draw inspiration from your various musical influences?

I draw inspiration from various musical influences mostly by listening to underground music: I never listen to mainstream, there is no substance. I love southern blues, rock and roll, and country music from 1970's -1990's. What draws me in mostly when I listen to music is a unique voice, good guitar tone and the lyrical/melodic hooks of the song. Or anything I can sing at the top of my lungs while driving. 

Tell us more about the lyrics in “The Weekend”! What emotions did you have to channel while creating this song?

Sometimes on a Saturday you may get stuck at home cause you don't have the funds to get to where you wanna go. Sometimes when you’re out on a tour playing music, you get addicted to a certain lifestyle of being out on the road and searching for a higher purpose. It isn't always about the destination, it’s about the journey and the time we spend being conscious of what we learn on that adventure. That’s life. We only get one, so we should take advantage of the weekends (or any free time really) to get out and see as much of the world as we possibly can. We gotta get that money somehow to live out our greatest desires and dreams.

What’s your favorite lyric in “The Weekend”? Why?

My favorite lyric in the song goes like this, "out on the road searching for what I got left, all the time we spend." It's about when having that moment to yourself while on your road trip or a tour and everything around you is so inspiring and peaceful. Nature seems to have everything in place, you start searching for what you should be doing with your life and how you can contribute to the world to make it a better place. 

What can your fans expect from you next?

My writing and songs, only gain more perspective the older I get. You can look forward to a whole bunch of new songs, music videos, and tours that will be coming at you soon. We have a 3 song EP out now that features “The Weekend”. We also have a 2-song EP coming out in September. We're planning to play some festivals and get out on a southern tour next year! We have new merchandise designs and we cant wait to get them out to our fans!


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