Soar Above the Clouds on UTE's EP Release 'Music Makes Me Fly'

UTE has proudly announced the release of her greatly anticipated 2020 EP "Music Makes Me Fly- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack". The album is a fascinating, moving experience that includes welcoming and friendly piano pieces that guide you into UTE's mesmerizing soundscapes. Songs like her title track: "Music Makes Me Fly," transports your spirit above the earth's surface; guided by UTE's melodic harmonies you are a mere bird flying above, floating along with the current of the wind. UTE's philosophical approach to creating music explores its purpose and how it affects listeners. UTE creates music that spreads happiness, and for UTE, "Music Makes Her Fly."

The memorizing intro "What is Music" has UTE delivering a powerful message of "what is life" and how music infuses her own. From there we are led into the title track "Music Makes me Fly." There is a weightless quality of harmony UTE has incorporated on this heavenly musical soundscape. There is a line in "Music Makes Me Fly" that truly resonated with us, " The melodies will live on forever staying in our hearts together," music's timeless quality has the power to unite and empower listeners for years after a song has been released, and UTE's inclusive and positive messages are sure to resonate with future listeners for years to come. The melody has an air of similarity to the "Cheers" opening credits, you are instantly made to feel welcomed and loved, as if "everyone knows your name." A gentle and soulful saxophone harmoniously fits into the composition unobtrusively, accenting UTE's verses phrase by phrase. We invite you to enjoy this relaxing and timeless piece UTE as so eloquently assembled.

This timeless and relaxing quality is also found in other songs such as "The Love of my Life." Dreamy strings paired alongside a duo of piano and guitar harmonies, fill the atmosphere with lullaby inspired qualities. The same theme continues on "Happiness Together," as an acoustic guitar beckons us into the piece, while UTE takes our hand and gently guides us with her tender and resonating harmonies. The rhythm gives the sway of an RnB melody, as UTE's voice promenades gracefully throughout the track. UTE's latest album even contains ambient inspired covers of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts," and the Pretenders "I'll Stand By You." UTE transforms these ballads into her signature relaxed and soothing vocal delivery while ensuring the atmosphere promotes a calming force over the listener.  

A profound closing address from UTE on the titled track "Music Is Life," again highlights the important role music plays in all our lives. UTE has assembled an astonishing musical composition of orchestral performances along with warm and familiar additions of piano and acoustic guitars that make UTE's latest album emotional and profound listening experience. With a voice that transcends tranquility, combined with deeply woven aspects of sound, UTE delivers a complete balance of harmony that is bound to captivate listeners nationwide. 

Listen today to "Music Makes Me Fly" here.

Hello UTE and welcome back to BuzzMusic. We are so pleased to hear another triumphant release from you with your EP "Music Makes Me Fly." Can you tell us how you wanted your listeners to feel while listening to your album?

This is the Original Soundtrack to the coming documentary Music makes me fly released any time on Amazon Prime. The soundtrack has 22 songs, some are instrumental, some are live. Which means the music is part of the movie. The main part. I hope my listeners enjoy a variety of music and my voice. My goal is to entertain my audience and make them relax especially nowadays.

We loved the melodic piano that plays alongside you in many of your compositions. It had such a friendly and inviting harmony. Is there a particular instrument you enjoy singing along with the most?

Definitely the saxophone is my favorite instrument to sing along with.

Your life has been clearly changed by music. What role does music play in your life?

Music gives me hope and strength. Actually my life is music

How has your music evolved since you started composing and performing your own songs?

Well, I believe my songs helped me to become the person I am right now.

What's next for you?

A new live single only available on I Tunes and see what the documentary will bring in the future