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Solara Premieres New Music Video "Worship"

Solara is a 23-year old pop singer/songwriter originating from Uruguay. Currently, Solara is based in Europe to continue to pursue her goals in music. Growing up, Solara’s family wasn't interested in music, and so as a result, Solara wasn't able to have much access to it. Once Solara was able to get her hands on some music, she knew then and there that music was her purpose in life. Introverted and sensitive, Solara found music as her way of communication and therapy.

Solara just released a new single and music video for her titled track “Worship” and we're super in love with it! What a vibe! The music video starts off with a slightly eerie sound but eventually jumps

into an upbeat electro kind of dance music. Solara’s lyrics are sensual along with a driving distorted chorus that makes for a unique sound. The storyline of the music video shows a darker side where Solara shows her dominance over men and how they think of her as a goddess. This song would make a good dance track to get the party started. Solara has a soothing voice and is able to capture and deliver her vision in both music and visuals. Bravo Solara!

Stream "Worship" here and get to know Solara in our exclusive interview below!

What is the meaning behind your song “Worship”?

Worship is a celebration of women, a song about female empowerment with a sexy twist. It’s about a woman who’s in charge of her sexuality. There are many songs out there about relationships and sexuality, but the woman is usually the submissive one. I wanted to give a fresh new interpretation to that, one which I think is particularly relevant nowadays.

What is one message you hope your listeners will get from this song?

I just really want to stress the idea that women can be dominant and sexy and in control and that shouldn't be a bad thing or a turn off; as much as the fact that, man can be submissive and they can enjoy their sexuality however they want, and that doesn't make them less of a man.

What is your favorite lyric from the track?

I truly love the opening lines: No religion I’m his blind faith Every goddess Shines through my face

When writing this song, we really wanted to play around with religious notions/concepts (religion, faith, paradise, hell, mercy, etc) and sort of give them a new meaning, hence the title, “Worship”, and I think we managed to achieve that, specially in those lines.

Are you still introverted or has music overtime helped you become less introverted and sensitive?

I am and I think I’ll always will be. Social interactions can get a bit draining to me and I almost always prefer to just stay at home with a book and some tea, but music has helped me connect and communicate at a deeper level with myself and others. Music will always be my favorite language.

What is your favorite scene from the music video and why?

I think my favorite scenes are the ones at the abandoned place, where the man is sitting in the chair, in chains. I loved that location (an abandoned amusement park in Bali), the whole concept and the role play, and also the outfit, which made me feel very confident and sexy.


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