Sometimes the Truth Hurts, and Lyncs Shows Us Why in, "Just Being Honest"

Lyncs conveys her blend of daydream choruses, indie-rock vocals, and star-like textures to the forefront as an American Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Multi-instrumentalist. How her powerful yet wholesome songwriting showcases her strengths thrives upon taking a single moment and blowing it up to a heart-string anthem.

Lyncs has worked hard to carefully tailor the wistful resonance that she captures in songs like her most recently released, "Just Being Honest." Delving into the buoyant tones that radiate a sense of melancholy in the vocalization of her storytelling manner, Lyncs seamlessly blends into the vibrant Pop instrumentation that she lays her artistry upon.

Carrying heavy Electro-Pop sound waves through the speakers, the up-tempo and liveliness in the composition's complexity remains flattering in any light that you shine upon it.

Lyncs creates vivid imagery that illustrates her expressions of her heart being betrayed. "Just Being Honest" is the breaking point for the antics that Lyncs no longer wants to put up with. This record acts as a letter of frustration, as she uses her brilliant wording to get her point across.

As she radiates sweet sounds of the truth, the depth that further bellows in the performance of Lyncs has us screaming each word of the more than memorable chorus that pulls us into the relatable grasp of the emerging artist. She fortifies her heartfelt conveyance as her message reaches us in a profound manner. Honesty is always the best policy, and Lyncs proves that time and time again.

Congratulations on the release of, “Just Being Honest.” With a message so direct, we would love to know; what moment inspired the creation of this track?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me, I’m really excited about this year and this release. I struggle a lot in my life by saying exactly how I feel. It’s honestly one of the main facts in why I write music since it’s so much easier to write how I feel than to say it straight to someone's face. Even texting can be hard and I find myself sugar-coating a lot of fo situations just to keep the peace. I’m an empath and I try to keep sunshine around me as much as possible, so when situations come up and there’s tension, I feel out of my element and need to elevate some of the frustration. This song comes from that place of wanting to say exactly what you want to, no matter the consequences. In my past, I’ve dated a lot of incredible people and gotten to experience a lot of joys and ups and downs that you can feel in a relationship. One of which, was very one-sided and this song is an ode to that. I found myself constantly being the one to give everything while this person was so casual and didn’t show they cared, whereas I was just trying my hardest to keep things afloat. Although I’m no longer with this person, it just goes to show that those feelings and frustrations don’t die easy. I never got to say what I wanted to so this is me saying it, whether they need to hear it or not. It’s no hard feelings, it’s just what I never got to say… and if someone else out there is feeling like they deserve more, this is your sign that you do.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the themes and messages in “Just Being Honest?"

Regardless of what type of relationship you are in, communication is everything. Tell them how you feel, air it all out, you will both feel so much better in the long and it will save you time and energy. Life is too short to not be truthful and honest.

Could you please take us into what the ambiance was like when creating this song?

At the time when I wrote this song, I was living in Manhattan with my girlfriend in this small, cozy, one-bedroom apartment. This is of course during Covid-19. It was so small that the wall we had wasn’t even a wall, it was more like an open barrier. I had this small studio setup within our entertainment unit that sat inside of this cubby-like cabinet and I would build a tent around it to trap the sound so I could record at night. I sat inside this little cave of blankets and started with the like “I was just thinking, I was just wondering if you knew what we’re supposed to do” over this somber piano. It was the most cathartic and freeing line I think I had written in a while, to just ask this past person in my life a question. Like, “what do we do here, what do you want to do, because I don’t know anymore.”

As one to tackle all aspects of your artistry, what has become your favorite part of the creation process?

My favorite part of the creation process is the moment a song has been written from start to end and I can hear its potential in my head. It’s like when you’ve read a book and you had this vision of what it would look like in your head, and then when you see the movie it looks just like what you envisioned. That’s my favorite part… when it sounds exactly like how I pictured it.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

This is a challenge for anyone and everyone! It doesn’t matter what art or business you are in, you need motivation. During Covid, I learned that I get really inspired to write when I watch the musicians write. I’ve started watching a ton of artist interviews, collars, live shows, etc. to just keep my brain in creation mode and keep going. I’ve been really into watching Jeremy Zucker, Alexander 23, Lauv, and Elina. My advice to other artists would be to reach out to other artists who are doing what you do, and talk to them! Listen, learn, collaborate, and just remember that nobody else is making what you are making, and people want to hear it. Thank you so much for getting to know me and for listening to “Just Being Honest!"