Somori Pointer Hit the Gas Throughout 2020

Releasing various bangers that got our toes tapping throughout 2020, the rock artist and singer-songwriter Somori Pointer takes us through last year's achievements and highlights.

When looking back at 2020 through a musical lens, Somori Pointer mentioned that he was just as proud as he was humbled to reflect on all the music he was able to write, produce, and record over a year. Not to mention producing for a few other artists to be released through his production company Spaceman Sounds, Somori Pointer truly made the most of 2020.

Getting into last year's released singles, Somori Pointer started the year with his hit, "X-Target." Formulating this song around an inner-conversation, Somori Pointer mentioned that he was forced to flee from his pessimistic past self in exchange for a new outlook. Following up this single with "Oblivion," Somori Pointer touched on a rather disappointing theme where humans offer a temporary legacy, similar to a paper or plastic-type of life.

Moving onto the next single, "Gold Blood Queen," Somori Pointer offers a 'be careful what you wish for scenario while telling the story of meeting the woman of his dreams only to discover her dark side. Ending the year off with his reflective single, "Date Night," Somori Pointer asks questions surrounding the end of a relationship's honeymoon phase and how much these connections can endure.

Discover Somori Pointer's released projects on all streaming platforms, and prepare yourself for many more conceptual endeavors as we settle in 2021.

Hello Somori Pointer, and thank you for catching up with us at BuzzMusic. We're excited to chat with you about your highlights and achievements of 2020. First off, what did you take away from the unusual year, musically or personally?

For me last year wasn’t as external as (total side note for later in this answer: it’s easier to be someone else).

How did 2020 impact your music? Were your released songs in 2020 influenced by the unconventional year we've experienced?

My songwriting wasn’t affected much at all by last year’s events really. I mean I did write and release a free song called “Nine Minute Nightmare” on my website immediately after watching George Floyd’s internationally broadcast murder. That whole day I was paying close attention to my own emotions and feeling extremely sad and disappointed. Sad, of course, for Mr. Floyd and his family; but more so for myself, because I didn’t feel anything inside. I have become so numb to those things happening that it almost seemed like a regular day, and that made me sad. And disappointed because I knew no substantial change was going to happen.

What kept you inspired to create music during the peaks and valleys of 2020?

Bingo! The peaks and valleys.

Is there a particular achievement you reached in 2020 that you're most proud of?

I started to switch my focus to writing and producing with other extremely talented artists. Finding a balance between (SomoriPointer) the artist and (Somori) the producer and the owner of (Spaceman Sounds ), a production company/recording studio, seemed to be the next logical step in order for me to keep evolving as a creative person. I can’t speak for other creative people, but, I know for me I am constantly searching for satisfaction mentally and physically and in order to do so, I had to look outside myself to get my fix.

From all the songs you've released last year, which was the most personal to you?

If I have to choose one song I’ll have to say my first single “ Oblivion “ it is a song that came back to me and those are always special because, in order for a particular sequence of melody and lyrics to be completely gone from my body and then come back after over a decade, the energy behind it must carry such a powerful message from the cosmos through me that I have to share it. If I hadn’t recorded and released it in 2020 it would have come back again, and again until I got it out. The lyrics say exactly what I wanted to say to our race ( humans ) at that particular moment in time.

What other interests do you have outside of music?

I’ve always had a love for fashion and science as well. Over the past year, I launched a clothing brand called Pirates & Prophets which is geared more towards the avant-garde side of the fashion fence. I started P⚡️P because I love leather jackets and I began painting them to use for show wardrobe, but in true Somori form, I collected way too many. That added to the fact that painting relaxes me and quiets my brain, let’s my escape. Pirates and Prophets are online people can find us on Etsy. I also have an affinity for good cigars but that’s another conversation for another time.

What should we expect from you in 2021? Are you currently planning any releases this year?

Yes, 2021 will hopefully be one of my busiest years yet. Since I am fortunate to own my own recording studio ( Spaceman Sounds) I had a backlog of demos, rough mixes, and a few collaborations, before this Covert-19 tragedy, so I’ll be releasing a ton of music through Spaceman and hopefully, us Rockstars can get back on stage and do what we do!