Son Kuma Envelops Ingenuity With Debut of "Good For Life"

Straight out of Inglewood, California, with purpose and precedence, Son Kuma blesses us with a teaser of his debut album. A former student of Stanford University, Son Kuma, turned to making music with a passionate pursuit to mix and produce music that instigates an irrevocable joy and satisfaction that listeners can indulge in and relate to on a fundamental level.

"Good For Life" is an instant favorite that presents a blossoming of optimism and opportunity. This song gives the audience a glimpse into the mind of a talented songwriter whose focus is a clear-cut exposition of his genuine, artistic aspiration. With the opening of a throaty bassline and sultry vocals, it's easy to see why his original mixtape 'Indica' garnered over 7 million streams worldwide.

Producer Carter Bryson assists on an upbeat and downright flavourful track as Son Kuma's silky transitions create a nuance of incisive verses. The agile delivery and crisp lyricism create an atmosphere of tranquil fluidity that makes it effortless to delve yourself into from start to finish.

With just a taste of his upcoming album, this hit incites excitement and enthusiasm for what's to come in the near future. Don't miss out on the intrepid audio or find the official audiovisual on youtube. Without further ado, let your worries slip into oblivion as you hang your feet up, kick back and vibe alongside the ascending talent that is Son Kuma.

Congratulations on your latest release "Good for Life." Do you feel as though there was a major turning point in your life that drove you to start making music and how much does it have an influence on your songwriting? In terms of making music, I feel like I always just had music in my soul because I can't remember a time when I wasn't making music or surrounded by music in some way. Even though I was a beginner music creator for most of my life, I still loved it enough to teach myself how to play certain instruments like guitar and cello. However; in terms of taking music seriously and crafting an artist persona, the major turning point to influence my decision was being suspended from Stanford University. I was going through a ton of growing pains while coping with hella childhood trauma. Trying to discover myself in this high-stress environment was difficult and led me to create an unhealthy dependency on multiple drugs and substances. This, coupled with a devastating heartbreak, family struggles back home, and the absolute worst luck during the academic quarter led to my academic performance dropping off the map, and Stanford decided to suspend me for a year in order to figure out where my priorities lie. During that academic suspension, I taught myself how to produce, mix, master, the whole 9 -- and recorded my debut mixtape, "Indica" -- which heavily covers the events that led to my suspension. Can we expect similar sounds throughout your upcoming album and what made you choose "Good For Life" as your debut teaser to the album? Hmm, the simple answer is no. My supporters have become quite aware by now that I never like to make the same song twice haha. In order to make each songwriting experience fun, I tend to try new vibes and sounds with each track. This can be seen in my previous mixtapes as well, where each song has a different vibe -- but tied together they effortlessly bring my listeners through an emotional sonic journey. "Good For Life" happens to be the last track on the album, the culminating emotion of this phase in my journey. The album's title is also "Good For Life" so for that reason I felt like it would be a great single in order to bring some excitement for what's to come in the future. Do you have any specific artists that inspired you or proved iconic in your eyes while you've progressed through your career in the music industry? Definitely, Tyler The Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, SZA, Ty Dolla $ign, Childish Gambino, Drake, and Anderson.Paak. All of these artists have inspired me in various ways and have proven themselves to be iconic in my eyes. I hope to be able to craft songs that elicit the same emotions that some of my favorite songs from these artists have elicited from me in the past. Besides the release of the album, is there anything you can tell us about what your next steps might be as an artist moving forward?

Besides my album, I would really like to have a merch drop and go on a tour. If the universe allows it, I will cross both of these major steps while continuing on my music path.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I plan on dropping a music video from a song on my upcoming album in early March. I may also drop another single in late March or early April depending on the reception of "Good For Life" -- My creative team and I have a lot of content in the vault to go along with my album so we are very excited to continue this rollout. The album follows a relatable journey on the struggles of finding value, passion, and meaning in the cold world we live in. Finding the good in life and becoming at peace with the up and down wave-nature of reality is the destination of this journey. Thank you for your support.