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Sonic Blume Navigates Inner And Outer Turmoil In “Falling Behind”

Photo Credit: David Ross Lawn

Hailing from Asbury Park, NJ, is 4-piece alternative rock band Sonic Blume, questioning personal and societal issues with an engaging new single and music video titled "Falling Behind."

Formed in 2016 over their shared love for 80s-inspired indie music, high school friends Max Connery, Danny Murray, Noah Sullivan, and James Waltsak released their debut self-titled E.P. in 2017, earning the Asbury Music Award for Best New Band (under 21). Sonic Blume went on to release their critically acclaimed debut L.P. in 2021, not to mention being named Best Indie Album by N.J.'s Elephant Talk Music Magazine.

The momentum continues with the band's latest single, "Falling Behind," off their upcoming album dropping December 29, All Your Favorite Songs. The song is soul food, offering hints of Radiohead with gut-wrenching guitars similar to the Pixie's "Where Is My Mind?" And paired with the song's music video, it provides a sensory experience.

"Falling Behind" centers around themes of not feeling ready to reenter the post-pandemic work, mixed with hints of not feeling comfortable in your skin and "Falling Behind." But they have a different meaning in the song's video, which sees an E.T. and a human being put to a series of tests of their physiology and cognition.

As the E.T. answers what he perceives in the inkblot, it scores results like "beautiful, honest, a true friend," while the human scores "insane, disturbed, serial killer???"

It makes you wonder if our E.T. friends are here to spread good. It's clear the human subject is "Falling Behind" in this series of tests. But, with Max Connery's soft repetition of the song's title on the bridge, intertwined with the video's concept, it makes you wonder if the entire human race is "Falling Behind."

Deeply introspective, subtly funny, and beautiful, Sonic Blume's song and video are thought-provoking and sonically enjoyable experiences that perfectly reflect our inner and outer emotional worlds. Find "Falling Behind" on all digital streaming platforms, and catch its music video on YouTube.


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