Southern Rocker, Micheal Shaun Brown Captures Emotions on New Single " From the Start"

Southern rock Singer/Songwriter Micheal Shaun Brown captures the raw feelings and emotions towards his wife in his new single “From the Start”.

Known as a simple country music soul, Brown relocated his family to the rural midwest amidst the 2020 pandemic to aid in his writing and recording of such organic musical tracks. As a previous member of the band Bone Feather, Brown was able to create two successful records and tour the country before releasing this solo piece in 2020.

“From the Start” explores a touching love story, so humble and wholesome that no matter what these two individuals are held together by the strength of this love. The raw vocal emotion and vibrato in the lyrics and Brown’s voice help to capture the raw feelings he holds towards this one individual and how these two individuals are entirely made for one another.

The simple melody help listeners to focus on the depth of the lyrics and the pure heartfelt passion. For me, this song was able to capture what we all look for in true love. A simple, organic love where you don’t need anything in the world except each other. Brown is able to capture his true happiness and allow listeners like me to believe in simple, all eternity love.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Michael, we are absolutely head over heels for your new organic, loving track “From the Start.” You mentioned this was a song written for your wife, how would you say this impacted your creative process when creating this song?

Thank you so much! And yes, I wrote this song for my wife, Aaryn, as a surprise to play for her at our wedding. She has always wanted me to write a song for her and figured that if I was going to do it, then why not make it really special. I would say that the major impact on my creative process with this song is that it really made me dig deep into my emotions in order for me to express and portray the love that I feel for her. One of the lines in the song is literally "I'm not the best at telling how I feel" and that is completely true. So, I really had to dig deep to be able to tap into those emotions and allow myself to be that vulnerable during the writing of this song.

Since this is your first solo track since 2015, how was the creation process by yourself and during the pandemic?

It was definitely a new experience - that's for sure. I had just bought my own home studio setup at the beginning of the year and the pandemic put me in the position to work hard at it to learn and hone in on the skill set of recording and mixing. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Dave Cobb or anything, but I enjoy being able to do it all myself and I believe that I have a recording that I can be proud of for a lifetime.

We saw that you relocated your family to a more rural, organic, and natural environment to help raise your children and write music, do you think that because of this change your upcoming music will also follow this organic and wholesome sound?

Absolutely. I grew up in a rural setting in a small town in Southwest Virginia. And, even though I ended up moving to Missouri when the pandemic started, I can still honestly say that I feel more connected to my "roots" in a more country/rural way of life. I also feel like reconnecting to the countryside of life will certainly translate into my writing and artistry.

We absolutely love this track and can’t wait to see its success in the future, what are your next steps from here?

Thank you, again. I really can't begin to express how much I appreciate that. The steps moving forward from here are just to keep digging and working hard to put out the best music that I can possibly make.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

I just love the creative process. I can't say that there haven't been times this year that I have felt uninspired or less creative. This year has been so tough that at times it seems like it took all that I had just to keep rolling with the punches. But, you have to keep pressing on. There is no other option. So, if I was in any position to give anyone advice on 2020 and creativity, it would just be that it's okay to go through ruts and be less inspired sometimes - that doesn't last forever and, with a little effort, you can pull yourself out of those ruts when the timing is right.