Spencer Jordan and Natalia Mount are Nashville's Modern Pop Power-Duo You Need To Know

With a topline melody that you'll be attached to and singing for days, This Nashville-based Singer and Songwriter duo keep proving they're the next pop music phenomenons with "For the Sake of the Summer"—their newest single with a topline melody that you'll be attached to and singing for days.

Here, their writing influences reach beyond love, growing up, and everyday struggles as the small beach-town singer/writer—Spencer—and the cross country relocating songstress—Natalia— synergize over their contemporary Pop blending sonics.

"For the Sake of the Summer" is defined by its ability to keeping the audience engaged in every instant. Packed with a well-defined distinction connecting each part of this track, it still manages to compound together to create a summer pop anthem that will fascinate you. The sounds of a car signal foreshadow the opening measures of this track as a dynamic rhythm envelopes us while Nashville-based songstress Natalia Mount's first vocals surge amongst Spencer Jordan's harmony and support.

An edgy mid-range bass and a crispy-wide orchestration of acoustic strings throw us for a curveball, as this cut manifests quickly into it's more contemporary and radio-friendly pop-anthem energy. As each chorus passes, we're already singing along to the lyrics. This track feels like a cinematic experience in how it keeps captivating us with every unique hook that develops with every pre-chorus and verse.

These two performers cover every vocal register amongst themselves. They swell and synergize behind every word they share with an extremely magnetizing texture and additive melody that they've coined all for themselves. On, "For the Sake of the Summer," Spencer Jordan and Natalia Mountm render an exceptional Summer-vibe Pop experience as it distinguishes itself with every shift and bend.  

Discover "For the Sake of the Summer" here.

Hello and thank you both for joining us at BuzzMusic. What does each of you like best about working with each other? Do you two just synergize naturally?

Spencer: I think for me, it’s just the ability to kinda say anything. Natalia was my first friend in Nashville, and she knows me well. I can say the dumbest thing as a potential line in a song and she’ll just nod her head and say “that’s stupid, Spence” and we’ll move on, no offense meant or taken. FTSOTS is absolutely a product of our personal dynamic coming to life in a song. 

Natalia: Yes I agree with Spencer, things just flow naturally when working together. He’s the biggest goof!! So that helps loosen me up in the studio. 

We’re really good friends and focus on having a good time so that shows through our songs for sure.

How did the two of you end up crossing paths when you two were out trying to make it in Nashville?

Spencer: I don’t know if she remembers it this way, but I had actually just played my first ever writers round upon moving 2 weeks beforehand. She came up to me afterward to tell me I did well, and we were fast friends after that. It was jarring to think (at that point) that someone was interested in the music I was making and wanted to help me make more

Natalia: Yeah basically, I remember listening to this incredible pop-sounding voice in the middle of a country dive bar in Nashville. I told my friends I had to go talk to him because his style was so refreshing than what I was used to hearing. We wrote our first song together like a week later! 

What fuels the dynamic energy behind the productions you two are releasing, and how do you endeavor to keep developing your sound as you continue working together?

Spencer: Based on our release schedules, I don’t know the next time we’ll be putting out a song together, but as far as my recent and upcoming productions, the majority of my inspiration comes from my life experiences alongside my innate nerdiness. I’m a total fanboy, and I think that’s going to start being more clear especially in my future releases.

Natalia: Like he said, who knows when we will be able to release a song together but I’m sure when we do it will be put out just as spontaneously as this one was. 

Can we expect a similarly sounding full-length cut coming from you two in the future?

Spencer: I stand 100% unopposed! It’s all about writing something we’re both proud of and finding a place in our release schedule that fits both timing-wise and also conceptually. But I’ll always have room for a song with Nat

Natalia: Based on the response we have gotten in such a short amount of time, I’d say we really should!! I always love working with Spencer and if and when we put more music out together we will probably do something similar with an energetic pop vibe. 

What has been keeping both of you inspired throughout 2020?

Spencer: Mostly the fleeting hope that this will all be over soon, and NOT carry into 2021. I’m ready for live shows and house parties and getting drinks with friends. It also helps that I have a large catalog of songs that I’m currently able to record since I have some extra time on my hands, so I can’t complain about that.

Natalia: I’ve had the opposite of time on my hands, Spencer actually kept me inspired for this particular project. I’m getting married this year and my focus has been on that so luckily I’ve had Spencer to push me in the midst of all the crazy planning.