Spend "One Night" with the Fierce Los Angeles Artist Kidarah

Kidarah is a Los Angeles based singer with a sultry and fierce sound. With a background in musical theatre and post-production, her spunky attitude is perfect for conveying a multi-genre Rap and Pop fusion. She's the type of singer that leaves the audience wowed and wanting more. Because of her training, she is able to captivate us both on and off the stage. This multi-talented woman has an ample skillset including performing, writing and recording music. You might recognize this artist from her previous works of “Golden Sea” & “Bounce House”. 

While listening to Kidarah’s new single “One Night”, I am transported into a dancefloor with its smooth vocals and upbeat vibes. She reminds you of being on a first date with her lyrics of “give me one night, I like it”. The chorus is not only memorable but emotionally evoking. This song will have your head bobbing and body swaying to the music. With a catchy rhythm and soothing voice, you can hear the influences of Rihanna and Jordan Sparks. Just as heard many times throughout this song, Kidarah we like this! All it takes is one night to fall in love with this song.

Listen to "One Night" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kidarah. How did education in musical theatre lead to a career in music production? 

Long story short, it didn’t. Musical theatre was an incredible experience, but when I picked up music production, it felt like a whole new world. I was almost living a double life creatively. During the day, I was this cookie-cutter musical theatre girl performing in In The Heights