Spend "One Night" with the Fierce Los Angeles Artist Kidarah

Kidarah is a Los Angeles based singer with a sultry and fierce sound. With a background in musical theatre and post-production, her spunky attitude is perfect for conveying a multi-genre Rap and Pop fusion. She's the type of singer that leaves the audience wowed and wanting more. Because of her training, she is able to captivate us both on and off the stage. This multi-talented woman has an ample skillset including performing, writing and recording music. You might recognize this artist from her previous works of “Golden Sea” & “Bounce House”. 

While listening to Kidarah’s new single “One Night”, I am transported into a dancefloor with its smooth vocals and upbeat vibes. She reminds you of being on a first date with her lyrics of “give me one night, I like it”. The chorus is not only memorable but emotionally evoking. This song will have your head bobbing and body swaying to the music. With a catchy rhythm and soothing voice, you can hear the influences of Rihanna and Jordan Sparks. Just as heard many times throughout this song, Kidarah we like this! All it takes is one night to fall in love with this song.

Listen to "One Night" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kidarah. How did education in musical theatre lead to a career in music production? 

Long story short, it didn’t. Musical theatre was an incredible experience, but when I picked up music production, it felt like a whole new world. I was almost living a double life creatively. During the day, I was this cookie-cutter musical theatre girl performing in In The Heights, and by night I was this vibin’ producer with color-changing lights in my room. Eventually, I figured out that the route where I get to write my own songs was the right path for me. I’m a poet, producer, songwriter, etc, and quite frankly, I’m just emotional. Everything inside of me gets poured into the music that comes out of me. Musical theatre is a really cool path, but it didn’t have enough opportunity for me to express my true self, you know? Writing for musical theatre is a very specific vibe, and I didn’t want to be stuck to the confines of it. However, that will always be a part of me and who knows, I may want to pursue being in musicals again someday!

Do the lyrics “give me one night” have any personal significance to you? 

I’ve always had really distant relationships. No matter who it is, I’m lucky if I get one night with my man every couple of weeks or so. I think that’s just got something to do with my taste in guys. I love men who are driven and pursue their dreams. It’s definitely also a byproduct of pursuing music as my own career. “Give me one night” is a reminder to just give me a little bit of your time. I respect your hustle, but the longer I go without seeing you, the more excited I get to see you again. All I need is one night and I’ll be satisfied for as long as you need before we see each other again. 

You have a very sultry sound, which artists are the biggest influence on your style?

Lady Gaga has been a huge inspiration to me since Just Dance was released. She just has a way of staying sexy, weird, and on point, all while starting inspired movements simultaneously. I also love Bebe Rexha, Rihanna, and Kehlani. These are definitely some of my favorite singers right now because they are strong, talented, independent women who always come out on top!

How does “One Night” relate to your previous works of “Golden Sea” & “Bounce House”? 

One Night is an exploration deeper into my artistry. It has a really fun, dancey vibe that fits really nicely paired with Golden Sea. The lyrical content is different between the songs, but ultimately, the underlying theme is love.

Being a solo artist, do you see yourself collaborating with other artists in the future?

I definitely plan to collaborate with other artists. However, collaboration can be tricky. It’s all about finding artists that like my style just as much as I like theirs, as well as having a workflow that fits with one another’s. I don’t try to force collaborations, so when the time is right, I believe that everything will flow and bring me to the right person to make the next hottest jam.

Thank you so much for the interview. We are excited about hearing more about your work. Do you have any upcoming live performances or album releases we can look forward to?

I am really excited about 2020. I can’t go into detail about what’s to come quite yet, but things are definitely moving in the right direction. I am beyond the hype for the new music we have lined up for next year.

What's next for you as 2019 comes to an end?

Spending the holidays with my family and friends is the best way I can spend the end of the decade. Family and love always come first for me. I really cherish my family and am extremely grateful for their support in all my endeavors. I plan to work on writing some new music during my winter vacation, though, so the grind never truly stops! Once 2020 comes, I’m hitting the ground running!