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Spotlight: Alessandro Montelli

Learning musical theory and various instruments throughout his upbringing, Pop singer-songwriter Alessandro Montelli brings together various parts of the world in his newest single “Life."

Finding himself very alone with difficulty connecting with new people Montelli released this track to connect uplifting guitar melodies to an optimistic tribute to his loved ones. Upbeat drum patterns and ground shaking instrumental baselines create a unique versatility to allow Montelli to pop/hip-hop breakdown and an alt-rock sound.

When interviewed about his single “Life," Montelli explained the expanded production time of this piece and its creation through various points of his life-giving this track a mind of its own to create a larger impact.

As an artist, he really strives to make his family proud with his career, and within this song specifically which is a feeling many listeners will find themselves relating to. We are truly encapsulated by AlessandroMontelli’s musical talent and ability to deliver optimism within his lyrics in his new single “Life.”

Discover more about Alessandro Montelli, here.

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