Spotlight Artist: Recapping Terrell's Glamorous R&B Single, "Love On You"

Yet again the spotlight is on R&B artist Terrell, an explorative music nomad who debuts fruitful and fun-loving songs.

The latest song release from Terrell included "Love On You," which was featured here on BuzzMusic. As a memorable creative moment for Terrell, the release of "Love On You" was truly one for the books. Terrell collaborated with artist Lincoln, which was "fun and effortless" on his end. The two seamlessly blended their styles and the product was just as refreshing as their artistic personas are.

Terrell was aiming for "Love On You" to be fun and flirtatious, which are two characteristics of many successful pop-inspired songs. These are also elements that listeners can expect Terrell's future album, titled 'PHILAUTIA,' set to release sometime this winter. His album will host many vibes, notably early 00's pop-inspired tracks. He wanted to sonically explore as much as he could, all while generating songs that bring pure enjoyment to his listeners.

'PHILAUTIA' is digging deep into the creative bag of Terrell, and he's planning on delivering performances full of exquisite surprises.

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