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Spotlight: Bernardine Wants You to Shine After Listening to Her Song, "Tiptoe"

Australian artist Bernardine has blended her classical roots into an indie/pop-inspired electronic style. Her charismatic lure brings on a strong attraction to her sound, and it's safe to say that she brings a bright light to the BuzzMusic listening community.

The latest musical offering from Bernardine included her single, titled "Tiptoe." Once we caught up with her, she explained that her song was about giving herself and others the "permission to shine."

She elaborated that oftentimes people can hinder their own spirit and light in fear of outshining others. Nevertheless, Bernardine hopes to uplift her listeners with "Tiptoe" and encourage them to be comfortable in the spotlight.

Her accompanying music video for "Tiptoe" generated Bernardine's vision for the song in an incredible way. Working with filmmaker Patty Sway, the "Tiptoe" video was able to depict various themes of character growth, adventure, and living life to the fullest.

To read the full BuzzMusic article on Bernardine's song and video "Tiptoe," click here.


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