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Spotlight: Blackout Orchestra

As an artist who struggled with ending relationships, alcoholism, and depression, Ben VanBuskirk of Blackout Orchestra turned to songwriting and music to find an escape.

In his newest single “Siren Song,” Vanbuskirk expresses a unique storyline in which someone witnesses an accident and begins falling in love with the victim and how this incident can compare to a very one-sided relationship.

The soft yet dark lyrics create a melodic track that connects to the difficult growth he had to encounter as an artist through a personal yet somewhat positive lens. As the album is continuously filtered by his own tastes, each track is so unique and creates a “genre-less” album in his words.

The beat in “Siren Song” is the heartbeat and will help to connect with listeners and make them feel less alone in these difficult times.

We are sure this track will be the light in the dark for some individuals as the deep lyrics connect together while the background sound builds and creates a positive escape.

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