Spotlight: Bo Lavish

Rapper, hip-hop artist, and singer-songwriter Bo Lavish releases his new single ‘Got It on Me’, the ultimate mixture of high energy trap and braggadocious bars.

Sadly, Bo Lavish lost his mother in 2018, leading him to a few felony charges which landed him behind bars. Once Bo returned from being incarcerated he made his return to music, with catchy trap beats and more meaningful things to say about his experiences.

The track opens up with a jazz-inspired, soothing brass sound. This quickly transitions into a trap-heavy beat leaving the listener in awe. Bo Lavish makes his braggadocious vocal delivery on the track shortly after.

This braggadocious, confident, rhythmic delivery continues for the rest of the track. Bo Lavish says he found the inspiration for ‘Got it On Me’ by combining his ‘drill’ Chicago roots with the ‘trap’ Atlanta music scene. He describes it as “something catchy, repetitive, and uncommon”, crediting his producer and musical collaborator Tejai Moore. "Got it On Me" is also paired with a music video, helping listeners see more of his personality.

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