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Spotlight: Brandon B Gets Real About His, "Expensive Habit"

Rooted in old-school stylings, Brandon B is all about distributing warm and positive energy throughout his music. His most recent offering, a track titled "Expensive Habit," stimulates many thought-provoking entities tied into the theme of addiction.

Interestingly enough, "Expensive Habit" wasn't given a title until midway through recording the album it appears on. The theme of addiction ties into Brandon B's life when it comes to the studio and nothing more, however, the song can very well be applied to any aspect of addiction that one may endure.

Partnering with sound engineer Elliott Lanam, Brandon B found inspiration for "Expensive Habit" one random Saturday afternoon. When the lyrics began pouring from his mind, Elliott Lanam confirmed that Brandon B was indeed a writer and the song's full fruition came shortly after.

There's a multitude of perspectives that can be taken on while listening to "Expensive Habit." Nonetheless, Brandon B offers an entertaining experience with the release and gives listeners something to genuinely enjoy.

Read the full BuzzMusic article and interview with Brandon B here.


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