Spotlight: Corey Lou & Da Village Say, "What We Gone Do?"

Corey Lou and his journey of artistry began at the young age of 5-years old. He knew his soul belonged to the music world, and ever since he's been working and training to advance himself artistically.

The type of music that Corey Lou & Da Village focuses on creating brings warmth and reminiscent themes to light. One of his latest projects, titled "What We Gone Do?", features artist Kelvin Walters, and was meant to be a looking glass into the life of Corey Lou himself.

Once we got a chance to interview Corey Lou, he elaborated that the song was really meant to pay homage to his Memphis, TN, roots. With varying instrumentals and familiar sounds, listeners may pick up on the heartfelt Tennesse sound that sparks joy and wonder amongst listening ears. Kelvin Walters brought on that warm, soothing instrumental persona presented within "What We Gone Do?" and he does it with poise.

The two artists definitely did not hold back any of their talents within their single, and Corey Lou & Da Village plan on flourishing with the musical gifts given to him.

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