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Spotlight: Crow Speaks Releases Introspective and Chilling Single, “Fog of Knives,” Feat. Unwell

Edgar Sopper is the face behind Crow Speaks, the singer-songwriter making waves with his experimental and emotive artistry. Recently, Crow Speaks has enlisted the help of producer Unwell for the revamped release of his track, "Fog Knives." This collaboration has breathed new life into the track, creating a rich and captivatingly diverse soundscape for listeners to sink their teeth into.

Crow Speaks' lyrics are introspective with a vocal performance that is extremely expressive, distinct, and compelling. All of these factors perfectly combine with the complex, dark, and experimental sonic landscape that Unwell has added his flare onto.

In his exclusive interview with BuzzMusic, Crows Speak let us in on the long journey and different variations "Fog Of Knives" has taken on throughout the last few years, his relationship with producer and collaborator Unwell, as well as the ways in which he hopes fans will connect with his music.

As someone who mainly created music for himself, he notes how he slowly has come to realize he wants the listeners of his music to "feel a sense of peace, calm, acceptance, consolation, and understanding."

Check out the full review on the "Fog Of Knives" feat. Unwell and exclusive interview with Crows Speaks here.


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