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Crow Speaks & Unwell Travel Through The “Fog of Knives”

Pouring his heart out by way of Arizona, singer-songwriter and expressive recording artist Crow Speaks releases a deeply introspective and heavy new single entitled "Fog of Knives (feat. Unwell)."

Crow Speaks is the versatile and experimental music project of Edgar Sopper, who has self-recorded and released two EPs that brought a new and compelling sound to streaming platforms. He's also had the chance to perform around Phenoix and Denver, Colorado. Striving to affirm that "art saves," Crow Speaks also emphasizes that limited resources should never stop self-expression.

Now teaming up with producer Unwell for their recent single, "Fog of Knives (feat. Unwell)," this song takes us into the depths of Crow Speaks' artistry while he and Unwell peel back dense emotive layers to expose what's underneath. If we could describe this song's dynamic sound, it would probably be an expansive melancholy mix of grunge, emo, alternative, and electronic.

Expanding on the new track, "Fog of Knives (feat. Unwell)," the song opens with a heavy kick and snare alongside crunchy effects and a chilling mid-tempo bass line. The crisp and center-standing drum break is taking us by surprise alongside the deeply melancholy and reflective electric guitar that swirls and twirls with pain and emotion.

Listening to Crow Speaks's distinctive, composed, and dark vocal performance, he takes us into the depths of a turbulent relationship where its demise was nothing but anticipated. Unwell's wide, spiraling sonics truly add this hellish layer to the song that amplifies Crow Speaks's heavy lyrical message tenfold. Both artists leave us with a profound sonic serving of reflection towards the song's end.

Feel your deepest emotions with Crow Speaks and Unwell's latest single, "Fog of Knives (feat. Unwell)," now available on all streaming platforms.

We honestly needed such a gripping and deeply emotional new song like "Fog of Knives (feat. Unwell)." What inspired you to create this compelling single?

Thank you so much, and so glad you enjoyed the track! I say this after every way I record, but this is the happiest I've been with one of my recordings. Fog of Knives was a song from my lo-fi EP, Pain Filled Prisms. I recorded in 2016, which I recently made available again on streaming. During a recent songwriting jam, Unwell, aka Daniel Holideigh, and I decided to play this, and it just sounded so good. I knew I wanted to feature them on a CrowSpeaks track but wasn't sure which song or if there was any interest, but once the jam happened, I was like, "Okay, this is it." I began writing Fog of Knives probably back in 2010 or 11. It went largely unfinished until 2015 when I finally got fx, drum, and looping capabilities. I had no moment of predetermined objective. I just stumbled onto the verse guitar, and it resonated. Same with the bridge guitar and words. No end-sound or product in mind, just what felt right.

Have you worked with Unwell before? What was your collaborative experience like when working on "Fog of Knives (feat. Unwell)?"

Unwell and I met through trying to form a new experimental, psych, rock group last year. We discovered we both have similar writing processes and aesthetics, so it's been great collaborating with them! Such a kind, thoughtful, patient, and positive human. They've been very gracious with my whole process, organization, and capacities. We both admire each other's music and share a love for atmospheric, psychedelic content, so we naturally have a somewhat similar reference point for what we're trying to do and also identical writing processes. It's been super enjoyable, and I'm honored. I'm personally a huge fan. Daniel has been making original music for years as Unwell, Crow Quilled Confessions, and more. Only recently has their impressive catalog been available on major streaming platforms, and I think they're brilliant and deserve an audience, so I hope everyone checks out, follows, and shares. I have so much to learn about creating from Daniel.

What did you want the listener to feel after hearing your emotional lyrics and sonic atmosphere within "Fog of Knives (feat. Unwell)?"

Honestly, I don't get that far when writing. I usually write purely for myself and my emotional, stylistic needs, but I am actively working on writing with a listener as the first consideration in artistic choices. While recording, I realized I wanted the listener to feel a sense of peace, calm, acceptance, consolation, and understanding. To me, Unwell's synth feels like a warm ball of pure, healing light. As far as lyrics, no intention there. It means something very clearly defined to me. My girlfriend and sounding-board heard a very different interpretation, and I couldn't be more pleased with that. I love lyrics that can be subjective and mean something different to each individual. I think it's more special that way.

Could you expand on what you mean by 'art saves?' For example, do you feel that art saves people from all sorts of unfortunate events?

Yes, exactly! It may not bring justice, undo tragedies, or make realities any less factual, but I do think art is magical in the way it can purify poison into ambrosia. Art is a process, a journey. Not an end product, target, or deadline to meet. Not everyone may employ art to treat their trauma, but art therapy is becoming an increasingly recognized successful form of treating many conditions of affliction. Fog of Knives is former me talking about my desire to die as if it was future history to burst the personal lyric interpretation bubble. I didn't know I was writing about the only future I could see for myself. The words just felt and seemed appropriate. When I began writing, I didn't have the resources for counseling or therapy and couldn't talk to anyone else about it. My greatest hope for anyone reading this who has a heavy burden they can't share...find a way, any way, if only for just yourself. To put it into song, this was mine as a love/farewell letter to myself and my loved ones. I promise you - only by opening up and letting a little fresh air and light in and releasing the darkness will it begin to heal. Opening up and being vulnerable is terrifying and, at times, overwhelming. Still, because of it, I've found relief and accomplished things that were impossible previously due to PTSD, anxiety, addiction, self-sabotage. You deserve peace, love, and to live the life you desire.


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