Spotlight: Desperate Electric Breaks Barriers Between Genres

Desperate Electric is a beloved electro-soul project hailing from Montana that will transport the listener out of their social distancing slum into a dreamland of harmonious vibrancy.

The dynamic duo is made up of the multitalented musicians Ben Morris and Kayti Korte who fuse their unique music styles to create thrilling sonic experiences that have never been heard before.

Desperate Electric is best known for their contemporary electronic spin on classic and down-to-earth orchestrations. They utilize authentic instrumentation such as thumping drum sets and soulful guitar riffs, combined with Ben Morris’ energetic verses and Kayti Korte’s symphonic harmonies.

DesperateElectric counts on their liberal production to take their tracks to a whole other level. With Ben Morris acting like a “wizard in the studio,” he combines dynamic synths and retro radio tones to construct that crispy dance/pop combined with vintage R&B/soul aesthetic that Desperate Electric’s fans are living for.

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