Spotlight: DirtyCakes

Rock and roll trio, DirtyCakes, touches on topics of emotion, politics, obstacles, and addiction in their new single “Gimme Some (An Ode To Craving)."

Hailing from Los Angeles, California each of the individuals within this group use music to share their honest paths and histories.

Drawing on feelings of beauty, difficulty, and power, this high-tempo track is filled with fierce baselines and exhilarating vocals. The moving dynamics of the percussion controlled by Becky Wreck bring a sense of enthusiasm into this track that will sweep listeners off their feet.

DirtyCakes works to inspire listeners to note the power of honesty and the importance of love in not only this single, but all singles to come. It is clear that when individuals are able to express their emotions it all fits together perfectly just like the production of this single!

With the reward that can come from expressing internal struggles, it is clear that beauty and power hold an immense value when shared with others.

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