Spotlight: DruiZ Teams Up With Mattea Made To Give Listeners A Real "Dime," Of A Song

The collective work between multi-instrumentalist/ producer DruiZ and vocalist Mattea Made has created an elevated, advanced, and electronically-based tune, titled "Dime." After a crazy and inconvenient musical festival experience, DruiZ and Mattea Made met and instantly established a musical connection once they got to talking. Fast forward a bit of time, and "Dime" is their first collaborative song to drop and reach listening ears.

Believe it or not, the producing efforts coming from DruiZ in "Dime" was his first attempt at mixing and producing a single. The result turned out to be inspiring and uplifting in many regards by establishing a positive environment with the chosen melody and embedded vocals. The synchronous the two artists share allow the vibe of the song to be as strong as it is. "Dime" emulates great energy that pushes listeners to enjoy the current moment.

The major takeaway of "Dime" was really to inspire self-reflection, introspection, and communication with one's self. The lyrics guide listeners into tuning into their imagination and maintaining creativity. Overall, "Dime" proved to be a real dime of a record within itself, and DruiZ particularly has a tone to be proud of with his quality talents finally being put forth to the music world.

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