Spotlight: Experience K4YLEE's Rollercoaster New Hit, "HELL AND BACK"

Texas punk rock singer-songwriter K4YLEE has released her new single "HELL AND BACK," which is bound to summon the listener's innermost thoughts. K4YLEE uses an assertive and powerful tone to convey her lyrics and emotions, and we love hearing K4YLEE take don't society.

K4YLEE shines the spotlight on the trials and tribulations she has lived through, and how her animosity towards society came to be. As we witnessed in "HELL AND BACK," K4YLEE is not afraid to express herself through her music and push the boundaries sonically, lyrically, or conceptually.

K4YLEE says her approach for writing "HELL AND BACK" was centered around creating an "empowering female anthem," which listeners can relate to. Specifically, she mentions that “the most effective kinds of anthems are the ones you want to shout and scream to!”

K4YLEE leaves BuzzMuisc with the assurance that she will continue to speak out about hard topics in her music.

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