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Spotlight: Fast River And Their Electric New Single, "Antisocial Tendencies"

Connecticut's genre-bending and thrilling Fast River display their authentic talent via their latest heavy-hitting release, "Antisocial Tendencies."

If you're looking for good quality music from a band, Fast River music hits from all angles, adamant that their art will keep listeners in awe and on their toes. With incredible dynamic tunes and different genres ranging from indie rock and folk to hip-hop and shoegaze, Fast River entertains us on a high level.

Ready to knock your socks off and quack your speakers, Fast River's latest outstanding single, "Antisocial Tendencies," grips us from the beginning of the record until the very last second. The fiery electric guitar paired with mid-tempo drums bestows a hypnotic groove on the listener experience that helps drive this record to its max. The lead vocalist's raspy and chilling vocals climb through your speakers, expressing the "Antisocial Tendencies" they face, feeling warn out and searching for a solid connection.

The track's overall groove and hypnotic vocals are contagious, prompting us to sing along. Gradually increasing the emotion, Fast River's fierce instrumentals and natural attitude aren't something to miss out on.

In Fast River's latest interview, they mentioned, "To us, being 'antisocial' really means taking time for oneself. There are so many notifications, apps, emails, and requests for every human's time in 2022 that being able to hide away and recharge it's not something people do anymore". The concept of this record speaks volumes for all the youth learning the dimes their favorite artists leave in the music.

Fast Rivers mentions how they are being more open and vulnerable in their records, so in terms of their lyrics that people relate to, they're writing things that resonate with them and feel right, "...knowing that diving into that authenticity will resonate where it needs to!". Fast River releases a record on the 1st of every month, so keep an eye out for new music from the talented and unpredictable band.

Check out the full interview with the need-to-know, talented, and authentic-sounding band Fast River here.


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