Spotlight: Genecist

With lyrical sounds, Buffalo New York native Genecist is advancing the world of Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, and Soul with his new single “Promise”.

Using infused melodies to share his personal message, Geneticist invites listeners inside his tranquil world in which his personal passion shines through with themes of love between two individuals. Many would consider Genecist a lyrical wordsmith as his angelic vocals convey each emotion through significant and wistful lyrics while still continuing to be a very dance-style tune. The instrumentals within this track create infectious beats that make “Promise” a welcoming track that showcases Genecist’s raw talents. As his album 'Ancient Potions' dives into the various forms of love, Genecist explains that “Promise” carries a message to which individuals should take responsibility to provide a sense of happiness for that significant other. This authentic artist embodies being vulnerable and faithful and creates meaningful tracks filled with immense amounts of wisdom.

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