Spotlight: Get To Know A More Intimate Side Of Wild Horse In, "Symphony of Broken Hearts"

Showcasing the best of East Sussex is the passionate alternative-rock trio Wild Horse and their latest compelling ode to heartbreak entitled "Symphony of Broken Hearts."

The likes of Jack Baldwin, Henry Baldwin, and Ed Barnes are constantly finding new ways to up their craft into a more evolved, modern, and engaging sonic experience. The band's latest release, "Symphony of Broken Hearts," highlights Wild Horse's ability to captivate the listener with relatable lyrical content and a cinematic approach to alt-rock.

In a recent interview with us, Wild Horse mentioned that they wanted to keep the song raw and honest to allow the audience to relate as much as possible. They also wanted to "keep the music really simple and let the lyrics shine on this one."

"Symphony of Broken Hearts" marks a shift in Wild Horse's artistry; the song showcases the band's vulnerable, emotional, and intimate side, which listeners should expect on their forthcoming project. "The project itself is all about learning to love yourself and to not care what other people think of you and the process that you have to embark on to achieve that, the highs (the more upbeat songs), and the lows (the sadder songs)," said Wild Horse.

For now, stream "Symphony of Broken Hearts" on all digital streaming platforms, and prepare your ears for a more personal and intimate experience with their upcoming project.

Check out our full interview with Wild Horse, here.