Spotlight: Gina Owens New Release, “Should’ve Known Better”

The country-era singer-songwriter Gina Owens had the art of music engraved into her life since age four and grew a love for sounds from that moment. Two decades later, Gina Owens has released her debut album in Nashville, TN, where she crafts a more particular name for herself and her sound.

Gina Owens' latest work, "Should've Known Better," sheds light on the painful realities of gut feelings and how they never lie to us. Although her lyricism is quite frank, "Should've Known Better," you can assume the record's tone. Especially since Gina is going through an overload of post-breakup emotions, she couldn't help but express her deepest feelings.

With the release of her latest record, "Should've Known Better," Gina Owens never fails to bring something unique to the table. Embracing that she should always remain true to herself and her true feelings, she never shies away from those moments. Her fusion of country and pop shows her unique ability to stay free as an artist.

In Gina Owens' recent interview with BuzzMusic, she touches on how she went through multiple drafts of this record, explaining how excited she was to hear the final result. "Anyone who's gone through a bad break knows there are always two sides to the story; their side and what happened." Gina feels that "Should've Known Better" perfectly describes that situation.

Gina explains that writing music is therapeutic, being able to jot down her bad experiences and turn them into art. She feels that the passion in her records is vital for her performances and tells us how she enjoys creating records that are honest and full of emotion because of how it amplifies her shows. She plans to continue writing, learning and performing, and with her new singles on the way, we're excited to see what's next for Gina Owens.

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