Spotlight: Hannah Ureste

Gaining a passion for music in the sixth grade, passionate pop artist Hannah Ureste has used her angelic voice to grab the attention of large audiences around the world.

Coming from a very loving and supportive family, Ureste’s passion and drive to achieve her musical goals were only heightened with each piece of support.

Her newest single “You and I,” is an infectious piece that will have listeners feeling self-assured as Ureste uses her personal expression to connect with listeners on an emotional level. Writing about the power of love and the excitement it can bring, Ureste explains that each time she put pen to paper she was reminded of all the positivity within her life and this single is a fantastic expression of that.

With each golden trumpet instrumental, Ureste embodies a bold persona and when paired with her radiating melodies it is clear this woman has strong confidence within herself.

Discover more about Hannah Ureste, and her new single, "You and I," here.