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Spotlight: Hugo de la Lune

Ethiopian-American artist Hugo de la Lune uses his unique, afro-soul/R&B sound to create a groovy yet mysterious track titled “Bouda”.

This singer-songwriter provides listeners with rhythmic instrumentals and a broad vocal range as haunting piano melodies and soothing drums create a dynamic and spirited single off his EP “Act II”.

As mentioned in interviews, “Bouda” is a track based on mythology’s ability to weave origin stories into spirituality. Hugo de la Lune creates his own mythology through this track, basing it on self-actualization and bravery over oneself to maintain his own autonomy.

This soulful track submerges into the darkness of nightfall while offering a slice of bliss through its dynamic instrumentals.

Listeners can expect new songs coming very soon, and we truly can not wait to see the growth of this EP and Hugo’s unique musical ability tie this entire project together with sound, visuals, and live shows.

Discover more about Hugo de la Lune here.

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