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Spotlight: iBleazy Brings Listeners An Emotional Single, "Note 2 Self"

If you don't remember American Idol star and choreographer iBleazy, then it's about time to get yourself acquainted with his artistry. He dropped his latest feel-good single, "Note 2 Self," which was really inspired by the darkest part of his life. iBleazy offered an authentically vulnerable look into his life and perspective within "Note 2 Self," which offered listeners the chance to take a real, deep look into his heart.

The song was released along with a music video, which was shot by J Angel Visuals and directed by Zone3. The music video featured visuals that successfully captured the real essence of "Note 2 Self," along with all the powerfully affecting emotions the song brought on. When iBleazy was writing the song, a natural flow came to him and there was no thought behind the words. The pen-to-paper flow was immaculate and iBleazy allowed the process to occur as naturally as possible.

With the song itself, iBleazy says: "You may feel alone in your dark times, you may feel like the only option is to run with the Devil, but the bottom line is your mental health starts with you, and sometimes that start is the thought process and reclaiming that you are worthy."

iBleazy officially takes the crown of creating emotionally moving singles that work to uplift and inspire listeners to grow. He's a goosebump-worthy artist that's taken our hearts. iBleazy, thank you for your musical expressions, vulnerability, and ultimate charm in "Note 2 Self." Read the full BuzzMusic article and interview on iBleazy's "Note 2 Self," here.


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