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Spotlight: JARETT Creates Waves of Positivity with, "Mermaid"

JARETT made big waves with his recent song release, titled "Mermaid". His vision was to fuse together the best of the Electronic and Hip/Hop music scenes. The product ended up encompassing many fun elements, and "Mermaid" proved to be the perfect hit summer single.

With a major focus put into the soundscape of the song, JARETT ensured that the melody of "Mermaid" gave off high-energy, feel-good vibes. "Mermaid" had instrumentals that gave off that Caribbean-inspired theme, embodying many vivid and full-of-life melodies. JARETT's recent trip to Barbados in 2019 inspired the ultimate rhythm of "Mermaid", but the content was constructed based on the exquisiteness and adventurous stylings of the mythological creature.

Aside from his recent release, JARETT has great energy himself as an artist, and his mission is ultimately "to perform at beaches all over the world and bring that same warm, positive, uplifting energy to whoever wants/needs it".

"Mermaid" is available now on streaming platforms. Check out more about the song, as well as our exclusive interview with JARETT here.

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