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Spotlight: Jay Korner Breaks Free as Solo Artist

Singer, songwriter, and drummer Jay Korner is filled with passion as he embarks on his journey as a solo artist.

As a former drummer for several bands, the aspiring singer-songwriter has recently steered his career in the direction of a solo independent artist. Walking a tight rope between a funky, soulful rock and old-school 70’s vibes, Jay Korner’s low-key grooves are contagious.

Inspired by the likes of Buddy Miles, Ohio Players, The Meters, Stevie Wonder, Sly & The Family Stone, James Brown, Commodores, and more, Jay Korner brings a contemporary spin to the early 70’s funk scene.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Jay Korner describes the inspirations behind his recent release “Will You Save Me.” The drummer explains, “musically I am very much influenced by the funk and soul from the ’70s. For this song in particular I’m inspired by songs like Mandrill “Git It All”, The Meters “It Ain’t No Use”, Aretha Franklyn “Rock Steady”, Buddy Miles “United Nations Stomp”, Etta James “Woman” and Neal Francis “She’s a Winner”. The lyrics are based on experiences from my own life. This a song about finding the “right one”, the special person to spend the rest of your life with.”

Discover our recent interview with Jay Korner, here.


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