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Spotlight: Jeremiah Cole Represents His Authentic Self in His Music

NYC-based Singer/Songwriter Jeremiah Cole has been crafting up emotionally driving R&B-inspired pop ballads, and the product is definitely worth checking out.

Jeremiah Cole's latest musical offering, titled "Crushing On Ya" features his characteristic, harmonious style that brings out a ton of heart. He carries a charged energy that crafts genuine and affecting emotions, creating the potential to stimulate any listening ear.

"Crushing On Ya" was Jeremiah Cole's instinctual creativity coming to light. Writing from personal experience, Jeremiah Cole often is able to put himself in others' shoes in order to construct a narrative that sparks inspiration. In reality, that's what Jeremiah Cole does when it comes to any musical offering--he gives his utmost all in order to connect and encourage his listeners, no matter where they are in their lives.

The next steps for Jeremiah Cole include the making of a "Crushing On Ya" music video, as well as completing his first-ever EP.

Discover more about Jeremiah Cole in our recent interview, here.

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