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Spotlight: Juice-Z’s Melodies Remain Unforgettable

Born and raised in Louisiana, rapper and songwriter Juice-Z now resides in Pomona, California where she has been releasing her recent bangers. The Hip-hop artist on the rise always has a message of empowerment layered within her witty and confidence-boosting lyrics. With groovy backtracks that take advantage of organic instrumentals all while spotlighting modern synths, Juice-Z’s melodies remain unforgettable.

The main inspiration behind Juice-Z’s music career comes from the trauma and negativity she has experienced throughout her life. By harnessing her past hardships and using them as motivation, the artist is a role model to all fans looking to move forward with their dreams. Juice-Z is currently working on her own all-inclusive record label that specifically promotes LGBTQI+ artists, without excluding anybody who does not fit into that description.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Juice-Z described the evolution of her music style. The Louisiana native explained, “I like to experiment with sound and varying genres. Although R&B and Hip Hop are my favorites. I had so much fun making cheeks and look forward to making more fun tracks like it. It's absolutely a staple for my brand, but I'm also a highly adaptable artist that's able to create content in any genre. I'd like to consider myself limitless.”

Discover more about Juice-Z in our recent interview, here.


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