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Spotlight: Langston's New Single, “No Cream”

Originally from New Orleans this unique singer-songwriter Langston is an architect behind this vibrant, soul-pop-inspired sound with unbreakable harmonies and seamless songwriting that shows off his meaningful connections with his fans.

"No Cream" shows us his melismatic croons which sweep us away in one fell swoop as we can't help but submit ourselves to the jazz-infused medley. The record has smooth and captivating grooves instilled by opulent guitar riffs and finger snaps, there's a beauty that comes from the simplicity Langston conveys.

Complex with his emotions, Langston's straightforward nature can be heard through his inimitable storytelling. Professing a myriad of radiant harmonies, we sink into the light-hearted aura that surrounds "No Cream." When asked about "No Cream" this is what Langston had to say "The story of "No Cream" is definitely one for the books. I remember being in my room and praying to God for a hit record that would change the world. Within five minutes, the words "Don't want no cream in my coffee" immediately came out of my mouth."

Langston has set the mood with a minimalist approach on "No Cream" proving that less is more and it helps to put quality first and Langston does exactly that.

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