Take In Langston’s Soothing Vocals With, “No Cream”

Being quickly noticed for his four-octave range and exceptional piano playing, Langston's musical journey began in his father's church choir. The young artist knew that music was his calling by the age of five.

Hailing from New Orleans, singer-songwriter Langston is the architect behind this vibrant, Soul-Pop-inspired sound-powered by unbreakable harmonies with seamless songwriting and a meaningful connection with his audience.

We can't help but get carried away by the sweet sounds of Langston in his latest single, "No Cream." His melismatic croons sweep us away in one fell swoop as we can't help but submit ourselves to the jazz-infused medley.

With the smooth and captivating grooves instilled by opulent guitar riffs and finger snaps, there's a beauty that comes from the simplicity Langston conveys. Complex with his emotions, Langston's straightforward nature can be heard through his inimitable storytelling. Professing a myriad of radiant harmonies, we sink into the light-hearted aura that surrounds "No Cream."

What we admire most about Langston has to be how he emits his sultry croons in such a buttery way. His vocals glide over instrumentation that's riddled with music's most triumphant sounds. "No Cream" is that dreamy soundscape that you can't help but get lost within.

Whether you're cruising through the streets late at night or getting ready for a sensual night in, Langston has set the mood with his minimalist approach found on this track. Proving that less is more and it helps to put quality first, Langston is what we all need to spruce up our playlists.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Langston, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "No Cream." Is there a particular moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

The story of "No Cream" is definitely one for the books. I remember being in my room and praying to God for a hit record that would change the world. Within five minutes, the words "Don't want no cream in my coffee" immediately came out of my mouth. This record was created from divine inspiration. From there, the emotions took over and every phrase and melody was so natural as I was singing from a place of admiration.

Has being vulnerable always come easy to you when creating? Do you find that there are emotional boundaries you won't cross when writing lyrics?

Being vulnerable wasn't always easy for me as an artist. Once I understood how much my fans connected with my story, it was at that moment that I decided I wouldn't hold anything back from them as they deserve a piece of me through my music. Nothing is off-limits as long as it comes naturally.

How does "No Cream" compare to other songs heard in your music catalog?

"No Cream" is such a special song to me. I want fans to know they are loved and true beauty comes from within. Oftentimes melanated women, or as I call "Brown Sugar" are underrepresented when it comes to societal standards of beauty. They, too, deserve recognition for the beauty they possess. No matter what color or ethnicity, I want fans to be able to look in the mirror and see the queen or king within themselves. No Cream embraces beauty from within.

What have you noticed most about your growth as an artist?

Growing up in New Orleans, you could find the local mailman blowing the trumpet-like Louis Armstrong. I grew up under many music legends who shaped me into the artist I am today, in which you can hear some of their influence in "No Cream." I notice my ability to constantly learn after each record I release. My approach is always that of a student when it comes to my growth as an artist.

What's next for you?

I'm most excited to showcase my versatility and present Langston to the world. Breathing life into the Pop-Soul genre one song at a time.