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Spotlight: Lyncs

As an artist who blends indie-rock vocals and daydreams like choruses, Lyncs has been able to showcase her unique singing, songwriting, and producing abilities, specifically within her newest track “Just Being Honest.”

Although her tones create a calm, storytelling instrumentation, listeners can expect some electro-pop sounds that liven the tempo in a vocal expression of her heart being betrayed.

Lyncs hopes that with the release of this track, listeners who may feel a part of a one-sided relationship can express their feelings and not feel ashamed for expecting and deserving more from their friend or partner.

The sweet sound of truth and depth in this piece is rounded out with its very memorable chorus and has made it difficult to turn this song off repeat. Lyncs has created a truthful composition in “Just Being Honest,” and we can’t wait to see how she continues to grow with her unique musical style.

Discover more about Lyncs here.


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