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Spotlight: M-Cellz

With an authentic musical delivery and a lyrical complexity unlike any other, M-Cellz new single “the business” has a dynamic nature that creates a feeling of internal swagger.

Joining together with hip-hop artist S.L.I.M in the production of this single, the pair is able to create hard-hitting energy with each perfectly timed rhyme and effortless beat. The unapologetic nature behind this single is such of a raw and gritty fashion that is able to hone in on these artists' authentic vocals.

M-Cellz explains that “The Business” is a single inspired by the fact that all individuals will always have haters and people tearing them down, however, you can only control your own ability’s which is why you can’t let it affect you! No wonder this single is so powerful and inspiring with a storyline like that.

The core passion within the songwriters of the single is truly what sets it apart and enhances the lyrical confidence and fuels any listener's soul to achieve their goals. With many more projects ahead, it is clear that M-Cellz and S.L.I.M aren’t going anywhere.

Discover more about M-Cellz, here.



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