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Spotlight: Nate Mosley Opens Up to Listeners in, "WESTSIDE"

Nate Mosley is a front-forward Alternative artist that paints vivid imagery for his listeners and viewers. In a recent interview, Nate Mosley shared, "One of my main priorities is to give the listener an image or a vision of the song." And so, he does, as his personal anecdotes are easily brought to life in his songs, and especially so in his latest release, "WESTSIDE."

There were many creative influences from the early '00s, which we dive deeper into during his "WESTSIDE" article debut. Nate Mosley inspired listeners to be themselves, which came with the willingness to self-reflect and essentially call oneself out for their own BS. Getting vulnerable with exposing his own vices, Nate Mosley wasn't afraid to share his truth with his listeners, offering inspiration and courage for his listeners to do the same.

Nate Mosley isn't done here, as "WESTSIDE" was just the first single off his upcoming EP. Stay tuned for this Alt/Rock release, as more honest reflections of Nate Mosley will be shared.

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