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Spotlight: New Mexico Native Barret Wilson And His New Single, “One More Day”

Barrett Wilson's music is kaleidoscopic; one could call it cowboy-jazz, especially with the reminiscent vocals reminding us of acts like Norah Jones and Dwight Yoakam. However, his unique, gritty, and rhythmic guitars are the cherries on the cake.

Barrett releases a feel-good single, "One More Day," bringing that vibe to your speakers, floating through the summer. This dynamic summer record showcases elements from many genres alongside Barrett's passionate and uplifting performance. "One More Day" kicks off with soft rock instrumentals and Barrett's tender vocals taking us on a smooth journey downtown.

Starting us off is his irresistible playful attitude to the record that brightens the room, later taking us toward his glistening hook sharing his moment of when he found what he had been searching for. The bright instrumental expands with different melodies and aspects, maintaining the song's uplifting atmosphere. Adding a jazzy breakdown on the bridge amplifies Barrett's desire for his other half - an exhilarating piece.

In Barrett Wilson's recent interview with BuzzMusic, he tells us, "This was a really fun song to write and record. As it's a vampy groove, I put a lot of emphasis on it being very rhythmic and energetic." This is kept to a few chords, so the listener quickly absorbs it. He mentions how blazingly fast the teen years go by; he wanted to capture the nostalgia of all the moments back then.

Barrett was asked if he was always open with his songwriting process and being completely honest in his music. He replied, "you kind of have to be that way" - making this statement shows his maturity and experience as an artist, working on the records nitty-gritty and being honest for the true feeling to pierce through. The track! He wanted to put himself out there with this record and confess how he sees himself and the world.

Check out the full interview with the vibrant Barrett Wilson here.

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