Barrett Wilson Brings The Passion In, “One More Day”

From New Mexico to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and musician Barrett Wilson is whimsically wishing for "One More Day" in his sweet-sounding and playful single.

Barrett Wilson's music is best described as "Burt Bacharach on Acid," creating a musical cornucopia of fiery and kaleidoscopic tunes. One could call it cowboy jazz, especially with vocal stylings reminiscent of Dwight Yoakam, Jeff Buckley, and maybe even Norah Jones. His unique, gritty, and rhythmic guitar stylings are the cherry on top.

In his feel-good single, "One More Day," Barrett Wilson brings all of that and more. He has us floating through the summer breeze, wishing to spend one more day with that person who makes us feel alive. It's an incredibly dynamic single that showcases soft rock, folk, and jazz elements, alongside Barrett Wilson's passionate and uplifting performance.

Diving into "One More Day," the tune kicks off with lively soft rock instrumentals with smooth guitars, mid-tempo drums, and Barrett Wilson's tender vocals. Right from the bat, he brings such a playful spirit and attitude that's truly irresistible. He later takes us over to the glimmering hook and shares passionate lyrics of finally finding what he's been looking for.

The bright instrumentals continue to expand with added shakers and beautiful background melodies that maintain the song's uplifting atmosphere. There's a chilling, jazzy breakdown on the bridge that amplifies Barrett Wilson's passion and desire for this person who makes his world go round. It's an exhilarating piece that feels like strolling out of a feel-good movie.

Prepare yourself for those special moments this summer with help from Barrett Wilson's spirited single, "One More Day," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Barrett Wilson. We admire the passion and optimism you've brought to your single, "One More Day." What inspired this exciting and feel-good tune?

Thanks so much. I'm thrilled to be on board! This was a really fun song to write and record. Being that it's kind of a vampy groove, I put a lot of emphasis on it being very rhythmic and energetic. I wanted to keep this one to a few chords and make it, so it takes a second to absorb how the main beat feels. I love beats and rhythms that are complex and infectious. As for making it a feel-good tune, I think I was honestly forcing it to be that way a bit. Kind of like when you are having a tough time, and you force a smile or a laugh to trick your brain into a state of positivity. It works sometimes! After finding the main idea for the melody and groove, the energy of it really became contagious and spurred me to write lyrics that evoked snapshots of unrelated memories from my childhood and a feeling that I've always had about how absurd and strange life is. Also, how blazingly fast childhood goes and wanting to find a way to encapsulate the nostalgia that comes along with remembering all the strange memories one has.

What sound and vibe did you want to give the instrumentals in "One More Day"? What genres were you dabbling in?

I'm definitely not a pure Country music person, but I've always had an affinity and appreciation for that style, being from New Mexico and knowing a bunch of Farmers. This is for sure not a Country song in the classic sense, but It's probably closer to that world than anything else I've done in the past. Mostly because it has a storytelling/heart on my sleeve kind of flavor. Genre is a very fluid thing for me, so when you listen to the groove, it's more of a Latin / Bo Diddley kind of idea, and then the vocals kind of remind me of the Shin's meets some kind of Disney song. An odd pairing, but that's how it ends up sometimes.

Was it easy to lay it all on the line and be so open and passionate during your songwriting process for "One More Day"?

I think you kind of have to be that way when writing songs. But the hard part is always staying true to the idea of the song and then staying honest about that idea. For me, it usually takes a lot of patience and passively meditating over the song for quite a while in order to get to the real heart of it. Once I think I have it, I'm usually able to finish it pretty quickly.

How does "One More Day" help new listeners get to know you and your sound better? Would you say this song is a solid reflection of the kind of music you create?

Well, being that it's my second single as a solo artist, time will tell! But overall, I would say yes. With my music, there will generally be some unexpected and sometimes out-there sounds. I like trying to take conventional ideas and kind of distort them in a way that makes a song exciting. For this one, I wanted to put myself out there, and sort of confess how I see myself and the world. I hope it comes through, but I also hope people can see their own experiences in the song. I tend to think that's more important, and really, I'm quite a simple person when it comes down to it. Not a whole lot of mystery there!

What's next for you?

I've got another single coming out at the end of this month on the 30th. It's called 'I Don't Belong Here Anymore.' Then the following month, my EP Intermixture will be released. I'm really excited to get this music out and start working on the next thing.