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Spotlight: Nikea Marie Strikes Us With Grace and Wisdom

Powerhouse Nikea Marie is all about creating uplifting, resilient energy for her listeners. She brings a fresh new sound to the music industry and pushes relatable topics that have wise, sincere expressions from Nikea Marie herself.

The genre style of Nikea Marie hones more into Gospel, Pop, and R&B elements, and the combination ends up being contemporarily forward. Her Baltimore roots attribute to the inspiration she uses to craft her songs, along with a strong, creative mindset.

Recent works we've seen from Nikea Marie include the release of "I Believe", which featured an aesthetically pleasing music video. Nikea Marie brings many themes to light within the lyrical content and the chosen visuals for the accompanying video, proving she knows what she's doing when creatively designing her own sound. There's a ton of metaphors to be taken away, as well as many pieces of advice that Nikea Marie thoughtfully sung out.

Read more about Nikea Marie and her single release in her full BuzzMusic interview, here.

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