Spotlight On Rising Hip Hop Artist James Doe

Welcome back to BuzzMusicLA James Doe! How has the journey been for you so far? What would you consider the toughest part to maneuvering around the music industry?

Thanks for having me. It’s been dope. Just been making moves and doing a few shows tryna get the brand out there so it’s been a great experience. The toughest part is knowing who’s legit and who isn’t. Everybody say they can help, and everybody got a price but most people just look out for them contrary to helping the artists grow. But once you get a good understanding on what red flags to look for, it gets easier. 

Including your brother, who else would you consider major inspirations for your love of music?

Shout out my bro tho!! Nipsey, Tory lanez, Eric Berlinger, Drake, Snoop, Glasses Malone, Easy E, Kanye, Young Dolph, KeyGlock, g Herbo, Comethazine, Sade, Bryson Tiller, Ross, IDK, Tank (don’t judge).

As an artist yourself, what’s your opinion on the current market of hip-hop and R&B and where do you feel like you fit in?

Current state of hip hop is exciting. People still finding new ways to express themselves that’s not traditionally what we’re used to hearing. Like mumble rap. Don’t knock the young bulls for doing them, not everybody wanna rap with the same tempo or timbre you know? Rnb is in a good place. Especially with Afro soul making a STRONG COMEBACK. I think I don’t fit in and that’s what my aim was. If you fit in, you’ll never stand out. I can go from “lemme seranade you my Nubian Queen” to “ get in the car loser..we going trappin” so I can really be placed amongst any genre and hold my own.....except reggaeton.... Spanish stops at “ hola”

Tell us about your song “Hunnit”. What was the vision you had for this record and how were you able to ensure you executed this theme?

Hunnit was made with all of my fake friends in mind and I know that’s a topic everybody has had experience in. People who say they are real and will ride for you until it’s time and they switch up. Either keep a 𝐇𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐭 or keep away from me. How was I able to ensure I executed the theme of fake friends? I called em as got reminded of why they blockT. 

Were there any specific arrangements you were aiming for while making “Hunnit”?

Just make a catchy hook that was relatable, make sure the beat kept people locked in (thank 81Skinny) and just keep it real. 

What’s next for you James Doe?

Dropping my rap project “Got Doe?” At the end of September, I’m shooting the music video this weekend with the talented Magnificine that will accompany it. We aiming to have the project complete and out by the last day of September. Then I’m dropping “still got doe” which is the RNB version and will have my homegirl Nina Blue featuring because you know I can sing...but that girl can SAAAAAANG. 

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