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Spotlight: Preethatrapper's Eccentric Personality Inspires "Countin' Papers" Single Release

Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska is rap artist Preethatrapper, popularly known as the Big Prizzle. As a music sensation in his residing town, Prewthatrapper has grown the Hip/Hop scene with his strong influence and associations. His lively persona has inevitably paved the way for his engagement and Preethatrapper has authentically established his place as an artist.

One of Preethatrapper's latest single releases, "Countin' Paper" was covered in a BuzzMusic article here. The song sent us into a hypnotic state with its laidback rhythms and filled-out soundscape. "Countin' Paper" packed a punch with various statements made by Prethatrapper, and he ultimately hooked listeners with his intoxicating expressions.

Once catching up with Preethatrapper, he expressed that "Countin' Paper" was crafted to inspire listeners to hustle and grow their success. Most importantly, Preethatrapper "wanted people to hear it and just have fun jamming out to it." With an incredible and fun take on life, Preethatrapper is the perfect feel-good artist to add to your 2021 summer playlist.


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