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Spotlight: R&B Artist and Producer Jerelle Encourages Self-Reflection

Multi-faceted artist Jerelle is a singer, songwriter, and producer that is breaking boundaries between consciousness and unconsciousness through his contemplative songwriting.

The R&B artist has just released the single “Up All Night,” that is sure to stop the listener in their tracks and encourage a few moments of self-reflection.

Growing up, Jerelle was consistently immersed in the arts where he was able to cultivate his creativity.

Throughout his childhood, Jerelle could always be found writing poetry, singing, or listening to music. He has now turned his passion for literature and music into a career in the R&B industry.

Jerelle draws lyrical inspiration from his own life experiences and looks to music as an outlet for his emotions as he has even mentioned in one of his songs that “the mic is [his] therapist.” Effortlessly combining his introspective songwriting with groovy instrumentations and soulful soundscapes makes it clear that Jerelle has found his calling.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Jerelle says, "I wanted people to truly understand first of all, where I am coming from with this release... I had things to say, where I felt people could relate. And secondly, music is always therapeutic for me... I have to release some things heavy on my mind and heart. I wanted people to know it’s normal to feel this way and to think these things. We lose people, we move on and create new relationships. It’s just how life is. It’s no longer keeping me “Up All Night."

Discover more about Jerelle, here.


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