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Spotlight: Raging Bunch Gets Real and Honest in, "Finally Fine"

Raging Bunch is your feel-good, fun-loving artist that creates music meant for memory-making. With a radiant and bright sound, Raging Bunch is able to construct atmospheres that amplify the current everyday life. His music is meant to elevate, inspire and provoke, ultimately working to stimulate a variety of emotions.

The latest musical offering from Raging Bunch that BuzzMusic saw recently was "Finally Fine," which came right off of his album "Peter Pandemic." The single was inspired by the life experiences of Raging Bunch, and he was hoping to bring hopeful messages to the table with this particular single release. "Finally Fine" instills a jubilant tone, yet touches on many pivotal themes, and brings in some much-needed comedic relief.

Following the release of "Peter Pandemic," Raging Bunch saw a growth spurt within himself, specifically within his own mind. Through music, Raging Bunch was able to communicate his own truths, lessons, and ideas with listeners, which we're confident in saying touched at least one listening ear.

Catch the full BuzzMusic article on Raging Bunch and his single release, "Finally Fine," here.

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