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Spotlight: RedrumSociety Releases Their New Riveting Single, “Stormy Weather”

Florida-based edgy alternative band RedrumSociety consists of frontman Zach Cohen, Sean Chesal on drums, Andrew Platt on the keys, and Ruddy Simon on bass. The band has had a diverse array of tracks hit the pop, blues, and alternative charts. Their latest single, "Stormy Weather," offers the band's classic form with a baroque style arrangement that brings listeners through the trials and tribulations of a toxic relationship.

Zach Cohen says "Stormy Weather" quickly wrote one of those songs. Driven by emotion and ego, the hope is that the song's message will help anyone who hears it, that is experiencing something similar, feel less alone in their situation."

The song was created by Zach sitting in his room tracking the various parts; he then took it to Fourth Street Recording in Santa Monica, California, to follow the vocals with producers Sejo Nevajas and Brandon Sweeney. From there, they, along with engineer Jose Alcantar, mixed the song and would send takes back to Florida, going back and forth on facetime comparing notes. The outcome is a relatable, riveting, beautifully pieced, nostalgic yet modern musical journey.

The band is continuously working on new music while looking forward to hopping in a van and going on tour.

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