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Spotlight: Reflecting On JiB’s Energy-Infused Single, “One More Chance”

Throughout his captivating releases, Toronto artist JiB effortlessly combines contemporary R&B/Pop elements with his Jamaican-Canadian roots.

This multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer is definitely one to keep an eye on, consistently making waves in the industry and captivating fans with his unique and playful charm. What’s even more impressive than his obvious talent and passion for his craft, is how he manages to consistently radiate positivity and stay true to himself throughout his work.

JiB recently released “One More Chance,” which he wrote and recorded himself. This lively single was released alongside a high-energy, dance-focused music video, which is impossible not to love.

During his exclusive interview with BuzzMusic, JiB gave us some insight into the meaning of the track. He noted how the song navigates the large variety of emotions that surround toxic relationships. “One More Chance” reflects on the red flags that may emerge throughout these relationships, but nevertheless, sometimes we decide to stick around.

Throughout his interview, JiB notes that one of his main goals throughout his life and career is to help uplift the people around him. Through his work, JiB radiates positivity. He hopes to help heal and entertain all at the same time, inspiring others to live life to the fullest. We can’t wait to see where the rest of his journey takes him.

Check out the full BuzzMusic article for JiB’s “One More Chance,” here.

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