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Spotlight: Reflecting On Mic Rocca’s Recent Hip/Hop Single, “No 1 Like Me”

Mic Rocca, a rapper and producer from Los Angeles, brings us his latest hip/hop single called "No 1 Like Me." Mic's unique lyrics with the mixture of old-school rap and west coast elements, show us that he has exactly what it takes to get us dancing and rapping to this record.

Mic has released many other records over the span of three years, and he continues to wow as he takes us on a journey with his uniqueness that showcases his distinctions from others. With mentions about the things he loves and things he absolutely can't stand, we can relate to the lyrics Mic dishes out.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Mic talked about where the inspiration for the track came from and offered some great advice to other artists who are fairly new at creating records or those just starting out on their musical journey. He is truly an example for others, as his consistency and drive shine through his music.

Throughout the interview, Mic talks about his creative process and how he chooses his instrumentals or certain elements he uses in "No 1 Like Me," Mic goes on to detail how he pieced this track together. We are so excited to see what Mic will create next, and we know it will be too.

Check out the full BuzzMusic article for Mic Rocca's "No 1 Like Me" here.

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