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Spotlight: Rice Teams Up With JMuzique To Bring A Party Vibe To Listeners

Singer, songwriter and recording artist Rice has been taking the time to establish his authentic and refined sound. He proves he's well underway with his goals with the release of "No Brady," a single that gave listener's a riveting, energetic beat that could very well send them into overdrive.

Catching up with Rice, he shared that his ultimate goal for "No Brady" was to craft a distinct party ambiance that listeners could genuinely revel in. So he teamed up with JMuzique to solidify the club-like feel, and the collaboration proved to be one for the books.

In totality, Rice was going for a song that immediately sparked energy within its audience. He wanted "No Brady" to inspire listeners to be motivated through their challenges and ultimately have fun amidst life. However, you may have to be patient if you're looking for more of Rice's creative and vibe-worthy tunes, as he's continuing to work on projects set to release within the near future.

Read the full BuzzMusic x Rice article here.


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